About Us

Our Story

We believe that there is more to an outfit than what meets the eye, and we are here to make an impact in this exact market. Ari Everyday Wear was started by Elias Sitzmann in 2023, serving as a medium for his creativity and a way help those less fortunate. Starting with nothing but a laptop and an infinite amount of ambition, Elias began working towards his goal of improving countless lives. 

Today, Ari continues to innovate and bring you the best products possible. We are committed to improving our community and creating new relationships, allowing access for everyone.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver on our promise to give you comfortable, stylish, and high-quality clothes that help you to look and feel your best. Clothing is essential, and Ari wants to be your confident choice every day. Our mission has always been to create a community centered around a passion for health-both mental and physical-through innovative and creative apparel that promotes protecting your peace and conquering your goals. 

Our Core: You

Without you, we wouldn't exist. Our ever-growing community is priority number one. Since our inception, Ari has been committed to serving you first. If there are any comments/questions/concerns or anything else, please refer to our Contact Us page!