Our Commitment to the Future: What's Next for Innovation

      Welcome to our first blog post, the first of many! At Ari Everyday Wear, we are passionate about creating high-quality apparel that empowers you to reach your full potential, no matter the form. With a focus on innovation, comfort, and style, we strive to provide everyone with the options they need to excel in their daily lives. Today, we wanted to touch on our goal to constantly grow in both our product and professional development. We know that there will be mistakes along the way, and we accept them knowing that there is no growth without tough circumstances. 

      With the launch of product one, the Active Sweats, we focused on creating a staple wardrobe piece that can be worn for a hybrid lifestyle that is centered around fitness. Our goal was to provide an option that serves as both workout gear and daily casual clothing. We have received plenty of positive feedback about the usefulness of this product, with claims that it fills the gap that had not been addressed previously. This was a huge success for us as a growing brand, and we are so glad that it was received well. We plan to continue this style of hybrid activewear through a capsule labeled the Everyday Active Collection

       As you are aware, trends move faster than ever with so many new sources of content. It seems like styles are transitioning daily, with one outfit being the new big thing one day and overdone the next. This causes stress on both brands and consumers. We address this problem head on, with our promise to deliver innovative products that have never been seen prior. By striving to think outside of clothing norms, we are able to make pieces and designs that will last throughout these trend cycles.  

      We are excited to officially announce the creation of our second product, and along with it the second branch of our style, the Everyday Utility Collection. The next product that will be releasing in the upcoming weeks is one of our most eye-catching designs yet. The Utility Hoodie will feature a heavyweight cotton-polyester fabric meant for harsher conditions, with the traditional kangaroo pocket and two additional pockets placed conveniently across the torso of the piece. These will allow for storage available with quick and easy access. The size of these pockets has been deliberately measured to allow most daily-use items to fit securely without the struggle of retrieval. We are truly excited to see what great uses our community will find for this design and look forward to sharing our favorites with you!

      When it comes to sustainability, we continue to search for shortcomings in our process that can help to reach minimal environmental impact. We only have one planet and want to care for it the best we can. A big decision that we have made is to cut out the use of any unnecessary tags on our products. From now on, the products that you will buy will only contain a small size tag and will be delivered with the minimal amount of packaging possible. We know that there are still plenty of ways to improve our system, so we will continue to dedicate time and effort towards additional opportunities to reduce waste.

      Our brand is not exclusive to any one community, and we want to spread our mission and positivity to everyone. We are currently searching for collaboration opportunities that will align with our message and promote the idea of healthy living. This is a process that takes time, as we need to ensure that we will deliver the absolute best to our customers. Be on the lookout for collaborations with content creators, small businesses, communities, and other brands in the near future! Know that we have spent countless hours perfecting these collaborations to best serve you. If there is anybody in particular that you feel fits our criteria, please send us their information and why you believe they will be a great addition to our family. 

      Through your continuous support, we know that this brand will grow to become something more than the bounds that have been set for us. Spreading the word about our products is the greatest gift you can give to us, as it means more than you expect. The easiest way to do this is to wear our products to the places you visit most often. The more support we get, the easier it is to reciprocate it back to deliver great pieces to you. Without you, we would be nothing. We have the highest gratitude to those who represent us and trust that we will provide you with only the best. 

      We have started strong, and we only have plans to grow exponentially. Our Active Sweats have been a huge success, and we are counting the days until we are able to share the Utility Hoodie with all of you. Behind the scenes, countless other products are in various stages of design and development. We have (and continue to) address the challenge of trendy styles head on through innovative, unique designs. Our goals in sustainability and collaboration are not far-fetched, yet they require our diligent effort to continue to improve. We are committed to becoming the face of comfort and quality clothing that can serve any lifestyle. The future of Ari will be bigger and brighter than ever, and we are glad to have you along for the ride!


Elias Sitzmann

Owner of Ari Everyday Wear

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