Our Top 10 Looks From Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS25

Paris Fashion Week is always a highly anticipated event in the fashion world, showcasing the latest trends from top designers. Wrapping up this weekend, the Menswear SS25 collection did not disappoint. We witnessed stunning looks that left a lasting impression on attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike, giving us a look into the future of the Pharrell-led Louis Vuitton, the continued artistic vision of Colm Dillane's KidSuper, a secret showing of ASAP Rocky's first collection through American Sabotage, and many more exciting events.

Below are our top 10 looks from the week. It was a long and difficult process that made choosing only 10 pieces a struggle. If it was up to us, we would do a top 50. 


Since Nigo's entrance into KENZO in 2022, he has expressed his creative mind through bright, colorful, and playful looks. This specific look embodies that perfectly. There has been an influx of styles that are more casual, with this one donning a hooded jacket and cap. While we love the plushie, we feel that some of the accessory pairings that compliment other looks are what cap this design from KENZO at spot number 10.

9. American Sabotage


With his brand not appearing on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar, ASAP Rocky had a quiet showing of American Sabotage-started by Rocky's creative brand AWGE-as a sort of promotion for his upcoming album, 'Don't Be Dumb'. During the show, he even teased a few songs that may be featured on the album. We find the layered pants design to be a timeless piece that serves as a statement in any wardrobe. Being his first collection, you could see the signature ASAP Rocky style in nearly every piece with lots of room to expand into his more lavish style, hopefully with some help from his friend Tyler, the Creator's brand Golf Le Fleur.

8. Amiri

Amiri had the goal of recreating the 70's in a dreamy, nostalgic way. It is safe to say that they did this and more, finding a fine line of referencing the past while giving it a modern 2020's style that allows the whole collection to be on the forefront of fashion. Everything in this look-from the glasses to the loafers- are meticulously crafted in a way that makes you wonder if this is the perfect meshing of the two decades.

7. IFM Bachelor of Arts-Anthony Iacone


This pick may come as a surprise to many. The look comes from IFM student Anthony Iacone, who I believe took the main stage at the first show of the week.  From baggy and curvy silhouettes to this outfit that seems to be made of a rubber material, each design had me believing there was a professional with loads of experience behind the collection. It was an impressive showing, and we wish we could include every one of his pieces in this list. Keep an eye out for Anthony, as there is much future potential in his creative expertise.

6. J.W. Anderson


Johnathan Anderson has been on an impressive run recently, with both of his brands succeeding more than ever before. They have both earned spots on this list, bringing eye-catching looks that keep us waiting in anticipation for the next show. After becoming fatigued from searching through collections, it was an energizing refresher to come upon this show. This piece in particular stuck out due to the contrasting colors and, of course, the tie that would have anyone doing a double-take.

5. Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams has done it again. After showcasing the past few collections, people were starting to believe that he would run out of steam and would not find a creative route to continue forward. With this collection, he proved them entirely wrong. Each piece had detail finer than the last, showing the precision and dedication required to run an operation such as this. His presentation starting with black, moving lighter to white and then introducing color was one that left me wondering. This look takes a new approach to LV's classic checkerboard design by adding the spring pop of color that we've seen countless times as a rising trend this weekend. Wearing a simple denim and toting a matching bag just serve of icing on an already perfect cake. One thing is for certain; as long as Pharrell is with Louis Vuitton, you better expect to be amazed.

4. 3.Paradis

3.Paradis is a brand that I had not heard from before. It is safe to say that this collection has put them on my radar. There is a level of simplicity in this look that was very well executed, making it deserving of such a high spot on our list. The reason it scores so high is due to the overall wearability of the look while still pulling the high-level designing we have come to expect. The jean layering is a refreshing medium that takes a classic silhouette and modernizes it in a way no other brand is doing. I believe this should become a staple piece for the brand and cannot wait to see what they do in the future. 

3. NameSake

Another brand that is new to me, NameSake is finding its unique style in a space that feels drowned out with different ideas of futuristic shapes and designs. Maybe I'm biased, but the unique torso pockets give a sense of utility in design that I have discovered to love so much. The pants paired with this top give the whole look a rugged yet modern feel that brings to life my idea of 'the future of fashion', giving it 3rd place on the list.

2. Loewe


For our second-best look of the week, Johnathan Anderson makes an appearance yet again. This time in the case of Loewe, a brand that has become known for finding absurdities in design and capitalizing on the craziness. Perhaps their most famous design, the pixelated hoodie/tee look, was done under the direction of Johnathan Anderson himself. Now, Loewe is going for a more laid-back look. This doesn't mean they are still working in excellence, however, as I would describe this look as 'effortless exquisiteness'. There is not a single piece in this look that I believe could be switched out for another, almost as if this whole curation was done in compliment to the signature pant design. Due to the ability to create such a staggering new piece and work around it, this look defends itself for the #2 spot.

1. KidSuper


And now for the finale. Colm Dillane's KidSuper has been the epitome of rising fashion in the last few years. From his catchy soundtracks featuring longtime friend Russ to one-of-a-kind stage performances, there is no doubt that excitement is 'in the air' before a KidSuper show begins. The title of this collection was "It's All Up in the Air", with a feature from Cirque Du Soleil and a focus on marionette-styled performance art. Now for the clothing. An overall print suit depicting trapeze flyers is used as a neutral base layer in which a white corset is matched perfectly with the underclothing. A bag-fitted with art supplies-is carried with, in a sort of homage to Colm's ability to create art wherever he goes. Each piece is put together in a way that seems as though it was made for an easel before being added onto clothing. This is a theme of Colm's as his last collection was literally a painting that transformed into a dress. To sum this collection up, Colm had to fight to be entered into Paris Fashion Week. Now that he is in, he has doubled down on the creativity and boundary-pushing ideology needed to become a standout brand. 

If you wanted to see our full list of best looks (50+ looks), they are compiled onto this Pinterest board. Feel free to leave a comment on your opinions and if there's any we missed!

 Elias Sitzmann

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