Our Product Dilemma: Looking Forward

Have you tried pairing our two most recent releases, the Active Sweats and the Utility Hoodie, together? We know, they are not the perfect match. While they can be put together for a great cozy fit, they do not serve as a matching set.



But guess what? That's exactly how we planned it.


Founded in early 2023, Ari embarked on its journey with the launch of the Active Sweats, a groundbreaking product that set the stage for the brand's innovative signature. The subsequent release of the Utility Hoodie later that year further solidified Ari's commitment to seamlessly blending comfort and professional style.


Yet, our growth has been a testament to resilience. Navigating the world of fashion with college-kid money and limited time was no easy feat. Juggling lectures, designing, and finding money to support Ari, our founder faced many hardships. Fueled by the ambition of Elias Sitzmann, a pre-med college entrepreneur newly navigating this industry, Ari has emerged as a distinctive player in the fashion landscape.


Ari's approach to these products’ designs was deliberate. We acknowledge that merging the styles of our high-value products would compromise their individual perfection. Instead, we've made a bold decision to offer you two standalone pieces that effortlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe. This strategic choice eliminates the need for significant shifts in your weekly rotation when you choose Ari. We have challenged you to mix and match Ari with your other pieces while we continue to grow our product line.


Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. We recognize that your purchase is an investment in our collective success. As we express our gratitude to the community that has supported us, we invite you to experience this seamless merge of Ari's pieces into your everyday style. We are working on a release ready for summer, containing two products that work well together, but also connect to the rest of the Ari showcase. Be on the lookout for hints about the drop!


To our incredible community, your unwavering support has fueled every stitch and seam of Ari. Thank you for trusting us with your purchase, an investment into our dream years in the making.


Elias Sitzmann
Founder and CEO
Ari Everyday Wear

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